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Product Features

1. Adopt 32-bit high-performance DSP and Ad/da, 24-bit, 48K sampling pure digital professional KTV preeffector.

2. Unique Microphone Feedback Suppression Algorithm, with 4 levels of intensity adjustable. 

3. The echo effect of professional singing. 

4. With the functional of audio processor, with ultra-fine delay adjustment. 

5. Optical Fiber, HDMI, digital audio input interface, obtain a more perfect sound source. 

6. The tone-changing function of music can meet the requirements of different singers at any time; Instant and automatic ultra-low tone enhanced dance mode. 

Product Features 

1. 2 sets of microphone inputs, microphone high-pass filter and low-pass filter, have dual microphone inputs, MICA and MICB, dual independent 10-segment parameter equalization. 

2. Stereo analog music input, 7-segment parametric equalization, high-pass filter and low-pass filter. 

3. Analog audio input, optical fiber Audio Input, Bluetooth, U Disk, HDMI audio input, HDMI TV return, a variety of input options. 

4. 6 independent channel outputs, each channel can be independent mixing, high and low frequency divider, main output and surround 7 segment parametric equalization, medium 7 segment and ultra-low 5 segment parametric equalization, delay, voltage limit, polarity conversion, volume adjustment, mute. 

5. Password management, password lock screen function.

6. It has 12 groups of user parameters to store and call. 

7. Wireless Infrared Remote Control and Bluetooth function. 

8. Drive-free USB interface, real-time control of all parameters through the PC software.

M680 Spec

M680 说明书

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