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Master-D 1 to 2 UHF Magic Wireless Microphone | Model: MD-MIC101/ MD-MIC102

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MD-MIC101 - Master-D 1 to 1 UHF Magic Wireless Microphone

MD-MIC102 - Master-D 1 to 2 UHF Magic Wireless Microphone

Product features

Carrier Frequency: UHF adjustable (700-900MHz)

Digital audio transmission technology

The unique digital ID code pilot technology completely solves the problem of crosstalk at the same frequency.

Ultra-low audio latency

Audio sampling mode: 48KHz

Frequency Response Range: 50Hz-18KHz

Automatic receiving scan

Distance: 20-50M

Microphone Spec

Frequency range                          700 - 900MHz

Radio frequency bandwidth      60MHz

Frequency points                         200

Transmission power                    10mW

Frequency response                    50Hz - 18KHz

Dynamic range                             96dB

Distortion                                      <0.1%

Receiver Spec

Frequency range                           700 - 900MHz

Radio frequency bandwidth       60MHz

Frequency points                          200

Signal-to-noise ratio                     >96dB

Receiving sensitivity                     -95dBm

Frequency response                     50Hz - 18KHz

Distortion                                        0.05%

Dynamic range                               96dB

Receiving delay                              2.5ms

  1. LCD display: Display current channel and battery level
  2. Power switch: When powered off, press 2 seconds to power on; When powered on, press 2 seconds to power off; When powered on, press once to switch effect modes ( Modes: Male to female voice, Female to male voice, Minion voice, Demon voice)
  3. Decrease Echo: Press to decrease Echo
  4. Increase Echo: Press to increase Echo
  5. Volume Up: Press to volume up the microphone
  6. Volume Down: Press to volume down the microphone 
  7. Handclap: Press to give u a clap
  8. Laughter: Press to make a laugh
  9. Mode Switch: Press to switch Pop mode, Pro mode, Singer mode, Echo mode
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