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Master-D UHF Wireless Pro-Microphone (MICRO USB CHARGER 18650 BATTERY) | Model: LD-004

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Technical Parameters

Frequency range: 600-700MHz

Modulation method: Digital frequency modulation

Frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz

Signal to noise ratio: >90kdB

Distortion: 0.5%@1KHz

Output level: 200mV ± 5mV

Receiver power supply: 3.7v/18650 lithium battery

Product Features

  1. UHF frequency band is adopted, build-in id code technology, stable transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability;
  2. The transmitter has a frequency modulation function to meet the simultaneous use of multiple frequencies;
  3. The receiver adopts automatic frequency lock design, which makes operation simpler and smarter.
  4. Mini receiver design with 6.35mm standard audio plug, plug, and play;
  5. The receiver has a charging function, build-in circuit protection technology, equipped with a detachable large-capacity lithium battery and an external charging treasure to meet long-term connection or offline use;
  6. The operation is simple, easy to use, and has a good sense of experience.

Suitable place: homes, schools, training rooms, and outdoor performances.

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