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  • 01-PH2.5 LED-16
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  • 01-PH2.5 LED-10
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  • 01-PH2.5 LED-12
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Master-D PH2.5mm Indoor LED Display System - 1.28m(H) x 2.24m(W) | Model: PH2.5LED

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P2.5 indoor magnetic modules for 1.28mx2.24m

X2m 版本规格书 V1.3

Colorlight X2m LED display professional main controller Features:

●Input resolution: max 1920X 1080@60Hz.
●Signal sources: 2XHDM1.4, 1XDVI, 1XVGA, 1XCVBS.
●U-disk interface: 1 XUSB.

●Loading capacity: 1.3 million pixels.
●Maximum width is 3840 pixels or maximum height is 2000 pixels.
●2 Gigabit Ethernet output ports.
●Supports Ethernet port redundancy.

●Input: 1X 3.5mm.
●Output: 1X3.5mm, support HDMI and DP audio outputs.

●Supports switching, clipping and zooming.
●Supports screen offset.
●Supports screen adjustment: contrast, saturation, chroma, brightness compensation
and sharpness adjustment.
●Supports convert Limit Range to Full Range input color space.
●Supports send and read back screen correction factor, advanced stitching.
●Supports HDCP1.4.
●Supports Precise Color Management
●Supports Better Gray Level at Low Brightness, can effectively maintain the complete display of grey scale under low brightness.
●16 scene presets.
●Play back pictures and videos from U-disk.
●OSD forU-disk playback and screen adjustment (Remote controller optional).

●USB port for control or cascading.
●RS232 protocol control.
●Infrared remote control (optional)

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